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This isn't new but I love it and it is the future!

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Republicans continue with lesser donations, smaller crowds and reliance on hate speech, smears & robocalls.
Obama's grandmother in Hawaii is very ill so he is heading there to see her.

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It happened this morning!!

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(from Carolyn in Colorado, graphic from Umbrella Painting Journal)

Too bad other countries can't vote here. It's not as if our government doesn't affect most of the world.

La Presse newspaper in Canada released a poll stating that Obama is crushing McCain in public polls around the world.

POLAND 43% (McCain 26%)
MEXICO 46% (McCain 13%)

Read more Cyberpresse.CA

Grand respect pour la communauté du monde ! Vont, l'Obama, vont !

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We drove south to Tacoma to see Joe Biden, who promoted the Governorship of Chris Gregoire be extended. More than 40 years ago, John F. Kennedy spoke from the same podium, to promote the Governorship of Warren Magnusen.

This was Joe's biggest crowd so far - my estimate is 10,000. They did "the wave," which is said to have originated in the NW, and the music was a lot R&B, a little bit C&W. All ages, all walks of life, heavy union representation (lots of plumbers), lots of vendors (I almost thought I was back in Denver the DNC.) Our line was very long - it 2-1/2 hours to get everyone inside.

Here is video I shot of Joe Biden talking about the Colin Powell endorsement and enhancement of Obama's foreign policy credentials and more. I also noticed what a DailyKos diarist who wrote about the event did - it was positive, unlike the McCain/Palin rallies. Real things were talked about, not so much the opposition, other than that devastatingly horrific Bush/Cheney policies cannot be continued.

At the state level, Gregoire emphasized not her opponent but the special interests that would like to come in and make WA state less progressive. That is what her opponent Dino Rossi represents, just as McCain represents a continuation of the Bush/Cheney policies. The last photo is where we ate - Southern Cafe - soul food.

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the story

This is a testimonial to the small donations which add up to quite a lot. This is part of the way to win in America and there is no getting around it. Money, Obama, Baseball - All-American.


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from Wonkette

Republican Dennis Hopper Endorses Obama Monday

Republican movie actor Dennis Hopper is so Republican that he starred in that shitty wingnut movie not even Republicans bothered to see, An American Carol. But now the hippie icon and Republican-since-Reagan is in the tank for You Know Who, That One, Barack Obama. “I voted for Bush, father and son, but this time I’ll vote for Obama,” Hopper said in Paris, which is also in the tank for Obama. “I pray God that Barack Obama is elected.”

ND for Obama - Red State Roundup! 1 comments

Poll: Obama Ahead In North Dakota

A new Forum Poll in North Dakota gives Barack Obama a 45%-43% lead, within the ±4% margin of error, in a red state that hasn't voted Democratic since the LBJ landslide of 1964. All the other recent polls have given McCain the lead here, but it does seem possible that the economy is pushing even this state towards the Democrats.

Talking Points Memo Morning Roundup

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Watch the whole thing - I was there!