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Americans Deem Obama The Winner Of The Shutdown Standoff

A new CNN/Opinion Research Poll released today found that the budget deal that avoided a federal government shutdown is viewed as big win for President Obama with the American people. 58% of Americans approve of the budget deal, and the President got the lion’s share of the credit 48%-35% over the Republicans.

The CNN/Opinion Research Poll painted a picture of country that really didn’t want the government to shutdown. 63% of respondents would have considered a shutdown either a crisis or a major problem. From this viewpoint the budget agreement was viewed as a positive, and widely approved of by a margin of 58%-38%. President Obama got much of the credit for avoiding the shutdown. 48% of those polled believed that Obama and the Democrats deserve the credit for the deal, 35% credited the Republicans, and 11% felt that the credit should be shared.

Obama personally received a 54% approval rating for his handling of the budget negotiations. The Republicans were given a 54% disapproval rating for their handling of negotiations.

Given that 76% of respondents said that Obama didn’t give up too much to get the deal, and 67% also believed that Republicans did not give up too much, it is safe to say that a majority of Americans view this as a fair deal.