ND for Obama - Red State Roundup!

Poll: Obama Ahead In North Dakota

A new Forum Poll in North Dakota gives Barack Obama a 45%-43% lead, within the ±4% margin of error, in a red state that hasn't voted Democratic since the LBJ landslide of 1964. All the other recent polls have given McCain the lead here, but it does seem possible that the economy is pushing even this state towards the Democrats.

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  1. I live in North Dakota. I am just a regular "Joe," but got pissed at the dirty Palin/McCain tactics.

    I now talk about politics with a few people every day during the normal course of my business. I have only talked to a few McCain supporters, and 2 of them were racist, the others are solely anti-abortion voters.

    I have been floored by how many Obama supporters are out here. Lots of us don't talk openly about politics, because non-confrontation is the norm in our Scandinavien-North Dakotan way.

    I think Obama will turn North Dakota Blue. I don't say shut-out before the hockey game is over, and I won't say Lands***e before November 5th, but I'm rooting for one.