Obama Art Keeps Coming!


Full Body Transplant is the blog of Rian Fike, a Miami artist and teacher. In an entry called "President Obama, the Artist," he presented some of the work he did during the election cycle and talked about how it was inspired. He found that Barack Obama supports the arts in education, and considers them important to society. Rian also presented the work of

Michael Murphy

, exhibited at Georgia College. (For the full impact, you must go to his site directly, for you can see closeups, for detail.)


The black protruberances are carefully-driven nails!


This piece is shown from several angles, at several distances, but impressed me most displayed thus.


This is a wire piece - the video below is amazing!


  1. Yes we did!

    Thanks for the shout out, this is an Art Party, Ragin' Full-On.

    We have never, ever, ever had a President who appreciates the Arts on this level.

    Good times.