Rope a Dope

We have a hurricane here, so the power may go off at any second. I just had a moment of clarity in which I understood Barack Obama's strategy, and how he's going to win this election. It should cheer up my Democratic friends. A while back I wrote that Obama needed to channel the righteous anger of Morgan Freeman. That very day Huffington Post ran a similarly themed editorial, including a film montage of a number of movie scenes featuring righteous black actors standing up for themselves, standing up for what's right and good. One of these scenes was from Will Smith's portrayal of Muhammad Ali, and it didn't strike me until just this very minute, with the wind exploding all around my home in Texas.

I have always been a big fan of Ali. I've read at least half a dozen books about him, about his philosophy and fighting style. After having this thought, I went and watched the last three minutes of Ali's fight against George Foreman in Zaire. The video itself is on Youtube, you can check it out here.

As I watched the clip, it became clear to me that Obama is channeling Ali, Ali against the ropes, guarding his face, taking body blows, letting himself be pummeled by a bigger, meaner opponent, an opponent who, with every blow, loses strength, loses power.

Obama is giving the Republicans their rope. Laying in the corner, looking like he's just taking it. Like Ali did to George Foreman, a bigger, more brutal fighter, in Zaire, a fight that nobody said he would win up until two minutes before he did. Obama knows what he is doing. He is roping a dope. Mark my words.

"Muhammad Ali has won by a knockout! The thing they said was impossible, he's done!"