Canadians Favor Obama 5:1 Over McCain

I'm listening to the new Metallica and reading from the IFPTE magazine. That's the Machinist's union.

They have an article that says Washington Times called Obama "too Canadian." It was because he wanted more respect for international law, diplomacy and to curtail antiAmerican sentiment. Studies actually show that American and Canadian values are quite similar. Both value health care, that US should have signed the Kyoto protocol and shouldn't have gone to war with Iraq (a majority in both countries.)

Canadians also support Obama 5:1 over McCain and supported Kerry 4:1 over Bush. Canadians admire Obama more than they do their own Prime Minister Steven Harper. The values of his that they lilke at Hope, Change, Stewardship, Service, Sacrifice (shared) and they believe Canada would be much better off under an Obama than a McCain presidency.