Visualize this Strategy, People


A political move that would create a massive buzz, that would send a signal that politics is going to be played differently from here on in, a move that would both surprise and excite.

There's been plenty of inter-DNC back and forth these past few weeks, and the media assumption has been all narrowly focused on veep choices. But what if it's been broader? What if Obama's actually hammered together a cabinet, gone to each prospective and gotten from each a promise to serve (and perhaps also a tacit agreement that they'll withdraw should they be caught pre-election red-handed in some sort of tawdry scandal a la Edwards - a shame, as he'd be great for Attorney General).

Yes, I'm talking about the Clintons here. Bring 'em in. Would Bill turn down the chance to be Secretary of State? America needs a serious diplomat/snake oil salesmen to suck on the stepped-on toes of allies across the globe, and Bill Clinton - say what you will about the man - is someone who can simultaneously suck toe and sodomize. This is no mean feat. And Hillary? Put her in charge of the promised health care revolution, combination HHS Secretary & Healthcare Czar. Give 'em power, keep 'em close. The Devil has work for idle hands. Get Al Gore on-board as Secretary of the Interior, or perhaps a newly created "Climate Change Czar" position. Hell, bring in one or two of the pro-Obama anti war republicans, if they're on board.

Announce the cabinet on the convention floor, loudly and publicly, not with sly innuendo by the talking heads, but by the players themselves. Drag out the heavy names, let America know that they're not just there to make a speech and watch balloons drop, but that, come January 20th 2009, they'll be in the White House.

Imagine the signal this would send out. A completely united front. It isn't just about Obama anymore, but about taking back the whole kit & caboodle from the least popular major party in American history.

More importantly, think of the heavy gauntlet this throws down to McCain - He could either ignore it, look like a chicken-shit, and have his own convention drowned out by media buzz. Or he could name his own cabinet. The latter option pushes McCain into a political minefield. What 15 names could he pick from the rogue's gallery that is today's Republican Party that wouldn't wind up tearing the base apart? Think about how much trouble he's having just picking one. Multiply that by 15.

This is a brilliant strategy, people. Begin visualizing it now.