Today's Inspirational Moment

Tomorrow, August 4th, 2008, is Mister Barack Obama's Birfday.

When the clock chimes midnight tonight and he turns 47 years of age, he will have outlived his womanizing, drunkard father, who, as a double leg amputee, lost his life behind the wheel of a car while out one night trying to buy more liquor.

While his Harvard trained Kenyan father is sadly no longer with us, Mister Obama's rise, and his moving past the afflictions that beset man who gave his son to the world, is no doubt a cause for celebration.

I'll be pouring out a 40 out on the curb in the morning int the somberest of reflection and I invite all of you to join me.

That being said, the Dog Days of August are upon us, and as such, in the days ahead it maybe come too easy to get discouraged and forget what it is thatlays directly in front of us.

With all that in mind, may we here @ BLM humbly present Marshall Mather's Academy Award Winning tune for Best Original Song, to keep us all from flagging and losing sight of the prize that awaits us?

Without further ado, Barack Obama, This Note Is 4 U.

Happy Birfday to you, and many, many, many, Happy Returns:

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