Palin is McCain's Pick!

It's official! The Words "Palin is McCain's VP Pick" have just streamed across my desk, and let me just say that this, in my opinion, changes completely the race dynamics. What a brilliant pick! What out-of-the-box thinking on the part of Senator McCain, to chose to elevate legendary Python Michael Palin to this exaulted (potential) position of number two (potentially) a mere (probable) stopped heartbeat away from the presidency of the United States.

Some will question the constitutional legality of this move - Palin, after all, through his long career as both funny man and professional explorer, has made no effort to hide - flaunted, indeed, some might say- his not having been born in the United States of America, and in fact, having never actually been an American Citizen but actually a silly British Person. But I say if a maverick like McCain (himself born in the Panama Canal Zone, then as now the most wretched hive of scum and villany in the Western Hemisphere) can't bend the rules, who can?

Who indeed?

What does this mean for the all important "silly vote," thought to have thus far been titled heavily towards Barack Obama? Might this notoriously fickle demographic now suddenly swing towards the newly minted McCain/Palin ticket, burying Obama/Biden under an avalanche of poorly quoted Holy Grail lines? Or will Senator Obama, in an effort to retain the Silly Vote, announce early (as suggested last week in this very column) certain key cabinet picks, floating certain key names bound to titalite this capricious coalition? Can we expect to see a newly-created cabinet level position, "Secratary of Impractical Strides" similtaneously created and offered to John Cleese, carrying the on and off-screen rivalry between two comedic juggaurnuts into the political realm? Whatever happens, I again salute you, Michael Palin, for making history as the first Silly English Person to run alongside the most elderly presidential candidate ever to grace the American political stage. Please, Mr. Palin, pace well your steps; Senator McCain is a slow, brittle man, who will bruise easily on anything even resembling a forced march.

...Excuse me. I've just been informed that John McCain has, in fact, chosen as his running mate someone called Sarah Palin. Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Not, in fact, Michael Palin.

Never mind.