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LIVE from Denver - Obama Girl


Obama just clinched the nomination (I think ,, 2/3 of the delegates have voted.) A reporter from Barcelona, Spain is interviewing a guy who writes for Group News Blog. The reporter is basically getting his mind blown because what he's hearing from this blogger bears little resemblance to what the corporate media covers. The Spanish reporter is doing a good job too - he is going over what was said to make sure he has it right, and he is listening carefully. This is something I have been wishing for - that more reporters world wide would come and talk to regular people. This blogger is also a Canadian.

I know this doesn't have much to do with Obama Girl .. or does it?

LIVE from Denver - the Texas Delegation & a Colorado Cowgirl



FOX Reporter Gets Dollar Bill Stuffed in Her Bra

Andrew at NW Progressive Advocate told me his story on Dan Rather made the front page of reddit.com and when I went there, I didn't see it but I did see this! What do you think will happen to me if I try this stunt? Should I try?

Speaking of "money" - look what Wingnuts were handing out back home in Washington State at the Evergreen State Fair? (HorseAss blog, today) It was also in the Everett Herald - supposedly the Pukes "apologized."3dollarobama

LIVE from Denver - Another Governor comes to the Big Tent

This time, it was Governor Gregoire, from my own state. She is up for re-election against the reactionary/regressive Dino Rossi who pretends to be "GOP" rather than "Republican." She was an early and strong backer for Obama, and her daughter is here with her, helping with her campaign. DailyKos, Northwest Progressive Institute and Horseass all did interviews and I took some of the photos. The one postsed here is on the contextual side, as I love the looks of the theatrical lighting equipment used for interviews.

I have learned a trick for when I leave the couch. I hide my equipment UNDER the couch.


Live from Denver - T. Boone Pickens is in the House & Vincent Bugliosi just blew up at Markos


From the couch, slightly behind me and to my left, I heard a loud ruckus. An elderly man in a suit was going off at Markos and he had a copy of his book under his arm. An Italian-looking woman told me, "That's VIncent Bugliosi and he's mad because DailyKos didn't review his book." All I heard was something about "you people," and Markos saying "You're an asshole." Then I saw the backside of the guy as he headed out of here in a huff. It seemed nobody from DailyKos remembered being sent the book in the first place.

I was told the guy pictured below is head of the Sierra Club. Pickens' book is called "The First Billion is the Hardest." He is 80. Bugliosi's book is called "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder." He is 74. (They are older than McCain!) Pickens is known for 1) being an energy magnate, and 2) backing Swift Boaters. Bugliosi is known for 1) prosecuting Manson, 2) writing a book about JFK. They both come off as nutty, as far as I'm concerned.


LIVE from Denver - Governor Schweitzer & Markos


Governor Schweitzer of Montana stole the show last night. He had all the best lines. He woke me up after the snoozey Warner speech. Bill Clinton looked pretty revved up by him, judging by the reaction shots on the tube.

This morning when I got to the Big Tent, I reclaimed my primo spot on the couch right next to the one that says "Reserved for DailyKos Bloggers." I have a nice long cord so as long as I can work it under the carpet where all the vendors don't trip on it, I'm fine. I had stopped off at Tattered Cover Books and paged through Markos' (of DailyKos) book and soon after I sat down over here, Markos came over and gave me a copy, and autographed it on the spot (see photo.)

Shortly after that, I sensed an entourage approaching and looked up from my couch to see Govern Schweitzer. He had come to get an autographed copy of Markos' book and he also gave Markos a bolo tie. "It's like being knighted, in Montana," he told him.

(Thanks to Mr. Goldberg of Horseass Blog for loaning me a camera cable. I also saw him being interviewed on the hybrid-powered Free Mall bus this morning by someone from the Starz place.)

Ron Paul Adds to Twin Cities Political Billboards

The billboard says "We are being taxed to blow up bridges in Iraq and rebuild them, while ours at home are falling down."

The media should be all over this group of disenchanted Republicans in the same way they harp on Hillary supporters. Paul's supporters comprise a significant percentage of the electorate in some key battleground states.

Here are Paul's results from the Republican primaries from some of those states:

Virginia and Ohio: 5%
Colorado and Indiana: 8%
Iowa: 10%
Kansas: 11%
Nebraska: 13%
Nevada and New Mexico: 14%
Minnesota and Penn.: 16%
Montana: 25%

This story is much bigger than the media fabricated story about the rift between Hillary Clinton and Obama. The two democratic candidates agreed on policy for the most part. Ron Paul's positions are the antithesis of McCain's. Another clear example of media bias.

Iberian on Dailykos responded to a post of this photo with the following:

If Ron Paul were a Democrat you would have fascist republican millionaires giving him money, he would have been in every tv show, his delegates interviewed by Anderson Cooper. We need to capitalize on him and Barr bigtime.

The Photo is from Ron Paul's website.

This one is mine: