DiAnne Live Blogs From Denver

I've only seen a couple women with huge Hillary buttons - on the train. I was talking to some bloggers over in the Tattered Cover Bookstore, and they were speculating about what sort of pantsuit she should wear tonight. We favored leopard skin.

A bit ago Governor Schweitzer of Montana rocked the house (I am watching in the Big Tent on what looks like an ordinary old school movie screen.) I noticed that Bill Clinton was cheering and that he was sitting right next to Michelle Obama.

He's cheering again and Hillary is wearing orange, a new color, but upbeat. I am visualizing that this goes well tonight, the roll call goes smoothly tomorrow, the media shut up and someone quite rigging the polls. I am visualizing that we really have registered more Democrats and that they will show up and be allowed to vote. & that the Swift Boaters will be defeated and McCain will make many faux pas.

She is having her night. She is emphasizing being a Proud Democrat so I hope she sticks primarily to that meme. I think she will. Quite a few people here clap when she emphasizes unity. I don't know why so many doubted she would be professional at this stage in the game.