Two Years Running, Michelle Shows 'Em How You Do It To It, Again

Michelle Obama, not Cindy McCain, wins best dressed vote


Wednesday, July 30th 2008, 4:00 AM

Michelle Obama (l.) won Vanity Fair's fashion vote, while Cindy McCain got snubbed.

Score one for Michelle Obama.

The First Lady fashion fight continues as the Democrat White House wanna-be got the vote from Vanity Fair, which put her on its global best-dressed list for the second year in a row.

They praised her simple, chic style - calling her "our commander in sheath." Left off the coveted roster was Cindy McCain, who must've felt like, well, sheath, from the snub.

Clothes make the woman, after all. Like it or lump it, the personal style of each candidate's wife has become an important part in establishing individuality, likability and power.

Cindy McCain made news while getting a private peek at Oscar de la Renta's fancy fall line (her grumbling bodyguards, left to stand outside the designer's studio in the heat, gave the story away). But Michelle Obama, who has her own favorite high-end designers, has made sure to advertise her everywoman-frugality every chance she gets.

Women across the country bought the pitch - and the dress - when Obama announced she was wearing a $150 White House Black Market frock (she revealed she shops at Target, too).

It's down-to-earth versus fussbudget? Maybe, but McCain has been working to relax her rigid look - and her reputation.

Earlier this month she traded her rigid updo for a wavier, more carefree coiffure. Without saying a word, she let it be known she can cut loose.