Nas Delivers Fox News "Stop The Nationally Televised Racist Smears" Petition On The Colbert Report

"Nothing says 'Thug Life' more than a clearly worded argument submitted in writing..." Stephen Colbert

After dropping off his petition for Fox News to stop its campaign of nationally televised racial smears against Mister Senator Barack Obama, his wife ,family,and millions of other Americans of color, a petition of 620,000+ signatures, (roughly the amount of viewers Bill O'Reilly gets on his show, and dropping), at Fox News's Midtown HQ at 6th & 46th Nas made his way west to meet with Stephen Colbert to discuss the petition and other matters.

Here's Nas being interviewed by Stephen:

Then Nas went on to perform "Sly Fox" from his "Untitled" album, note his Mix Master's T-Shirt that he's wearing behind the decks, how cool is that?: