It's About The Money, Honey....

.... Isn't it always?

Leaving off, for now, the larger issue of what is going on in American Politics where over a billion dollars is going to be spent for a job that pays only $400K a year, (pre-tax, no less), and focusing on the fact that Mister McCain is being left in the financial dust, and it's not even Labor Day, is there any way that Obama is going to lose?

Not when it comes to the money, apparently.

Barack Obama's $52 Million in June Fund Raising More Than Doubles John McCain's
How Will the Georgia Vote Be Affected?
By saul relative, published Jul 18, 2008

Barack Obama's $52 Million in June Fund Raising More Than Doubles John McCain's
June fund raising was respectable for Senator John McCain ($22 million), but was a distant second to Senator Barack Obama's $52 million.
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When the Republicans announced that Senator John McCain had raked in $22 million in June fund raising and the Wall Street Journal claimed that Senator Barack Obama had raised "only" $30 million, speculation ran amok that Obama's support might be slipping. But when the Obama campaign announced that their candidate had amassed $52 million in June fund raising nationally, it changed the entire speculative scenario. It seems that the Obama camp waited an extra week simply to give the negative press just enough rope to hang itself, then left it swinging with the announcement of such a large amount, second only to their February showing of $55 million. After the parity of the two political camps in the May fund raising, Obama's surge was a little unexpected.

According to the Federal Election Commission, the percentage of difference in the June fund raising is almost identical to that of the total national fund raising done by both camps -- Obama has raised more than two-and-a-half times more than McCain: $287 million to $111 million. The massive difference may not be felt by the McCain camp just yet, but when the Senator from Arizona is limited to the $84 million in public funds for the last two months going into the election, Obama's vast financial lead and seemingly limitless supply of money (not to mention his campaign is not limited to a certain amount) might be what tips the balance of power toward Obama in swing states in November.

One of those swing states may well be Georgia.

Fund raising In Georgia

Senator Obama not only has a commanding lead in the amount of money his campaign has raised nationally, but he has managed to outperform Senator McCain in solid red (Republican) Georgia as well. According the the Federal Election Commission, Obama has raised nearly $3.3 million in Georgia so far. In comparison, Senator McCain has raised only $1.7 million.