A Voice of Wisdom

I usually don't pipe in on these discussions, but we have to be as passionate about Barack now as we were in February. Barack can be an idealist, but for us to take our country back, he now needs to be a politician. I know, it hurts. But he now is preaching to the 20% in the middle, not liberal or conservative, and he cannot McCain create another set of lies about how we will be a better nation under a Republican.

Barack now needs to be a hardened candidate that can win. William Jennings Bryant and Adlai Stephenson were candidates who campaigned as idealists, and that resulted in four Democratic losses.

We must take our country back, and I will forgive Barack everything until he elected. Now, AFTER he takes the oath of office, he loses his free pass and we will all hold him accountable.

Thanks for letting me participate!

A friend who has been around the block for a few decades