Food Tasters for Obama

After Barack Obama became the "presumptive nominee" and there was speculation about who would be his running mate, some pundits suggested that he hire food tasters. We think that would be great and as motivated Obama supporters are prepared to take the job. We love to eat all kinds of food and will make sure that President Obama does not get sick from eating a bad oyster. A number of enthusiastic and committed supporters have already signaled their desire to join Food Tasters to protect the President of the United States, even if it means putting on weight. Greg, a supporter who has slaved in several states for the campaign, looks forward to enjoying wholesome foods prepared by outstanding White House chefs after months of eating pizza warmed up in microwave ovens. Hannah is excited to taste for Barack, although she does not like mushrooms. Joe wants to make sure the group includes hard-working, white Americans and the foods they love, like meat and potatoes. Food Tasters for Obama will be inclusive and open to supporters of all dietary persuasions, including kosher and halal, veggie and vegan, gluten- or peanut-free, and any other kind of food allergy. We will even welcome lactose intolerant soy latte drinkers. So if you like Obama as much as you like to eat, join us and share your hopes and recipes with other like-minded Food Tasters for Obama.I

I just joined this group.