Obama Japan Supports Obama

Obama has Fans in Obama Japan

Obama is a Japanese fishing town where "I love Obama" t-shirts and headbands are common and residents gather to watch the primaries, sing songs and to shout "Obama, Obama, Obama!" in the streets. Fish burgers and cakes as well as chopsticks bear Obama's name.

Obama wrote a thank you letter for the chopsticks and Japanese good luck charm that he received from townspeople: "I'm touched by your friendly gesture... We share more than a common name; we share a common planet and common responsibility."

The Mayor replied: "Mr Obama, thank you for this letter. Everybody in Obama city is supporting you. "We're all hoping you win the U.S. presidency and will be able to visit Obama some day."

Obama has known for some time about the small town that bears his name. He once said that during a visit to Japan, the immigration officer took a look at his passport and said to him: "I'm from Obama".

"Japan has to get beyond the older generation of politicians and find its own Obama," said political commentator Minoru Morita in Tokyo.Obamajapan200